Airtel USSD Codes(3G & 4G) & How to Check Airtel Net Balance(Many More)

Airtel is the biggest mobile network and giving the high-speed services to its customers. You can avail so many services from Airtel including 3G/4G data, Voice calls, Video calls and lots more. It has also started the different Data services thereby there are so many Ways has been launched to check the balance. As there are so many ways. We get confused often, And so many people didn’t know how to check Airtel Net balance. We have also given the USSD codes to Airtel balance check and Airtel net balance check.

Here we have also listed the numbers for the Airtel data balance check. There are so many services availed by the customers of Airtel and also there are so many Ways to check different balance that we have in our mobile. So, here we are going to know various USSD codes for various Balance check, activation/deactivation etc., services. Also here you can know how to check internet balance in Airtel.

airtel balance check

The following table gives you Airtel USSD codes including the Airtel services USSD codes list is given here. Here we have given the General USSD codes for Airtel Balance, data 2G, 3G and 4G Data Balance. Also, we have listed here all the USSD codes for the Airtel and also you can know how to check balance in Airtel Data Card or Dongle. Airtel Data usage check will give you the details about your Monthly or daily basis data usage. Check the following details are about the Airtel USSD codes and also the USSD codes to check the Data balance of the Airtel.

Airtel Daily use USSD Codes

General USSD codes for the Main Balance and also to know the special offers for your account Number, then please check in the table given below.

Airtel Main Balance Check USSD code *123#
Airtel 3G/4G Data Balance Check *123# reply with 1 or *123*8#
Airtel 2G Data Balance Check *123# reply with 1 or *123*10#
Airtel own number check USSD code *282#
Airtel special offers and rewards USSD codes *566#
Airtel Transfer USSD codes *141#
Airtel Loan Number USSD codes *141*10#

So, these are the basic Airtel Data balance check for the 2G/3G/4G data balance. Not only in mobiles, the Airtel has also the Airtel data card service which is a dongle type device in which we can insert SIM and use the Data services connecting to laptop or Computer. So, Now I will also give you details on how to check Airtel internet balance through Airtel Data Card.

Check Airtel Internet Balance in Airtel Data Card

  • Firstly, connect your Data Card With PC/Laptop.
  • Once you establish the connection, then you can see the Window opens.
  • In that go to Menu Bar and then Select Check Usage.
  • Now, you can select USSD from the options or you can also manually enter the Code manually to the Airtel balance check.
  • That’s it your Data usage will be displayed here.

Airtel 3G & 4G  USSD codes

If you want to know the USSD codes for the Airtel 2G/3G/4G Data balance, then the following table gives you the information you want.

airtel ussd codes

So, here we are going to get the information about how to check the Data Balance of your Airtel Mobile number.

Airtel 2G Data Balance Check *123# reply with 1 or *123*10#
Airtel 3G Data Balance Check *123# reply with 1 or *123*8#
Airtel 4G Data Balance check (Internet) *121*8#
Airtel Night Data Balance Check (Internet) USSD codes *123*197# reply with 1
Airtel Live Services USSD codes *321#
Airtel Facebook USSD codes *325#
Airtel Twitter service USSD codes *515#
Airtel Missed Call Alert USSD codes *888#

Airtel Balance Check USSD Codes

The SMS, Main Balance & Net Balance check USSD codes list is also provided. So, refer this table and know the remaining balance in your Pack. If you have a problem in your transaction or if you notice a wrong transaction then you can call to the airtel customer care airtel customer care and tell problem which you faced. They will clear it for sure.

Airtel Balance Check Ussd code *123#
Airtel to Airtel Minutes balance check ussd codes *123*6#
Airtel SMS Balance Check ussd codes *123*7#
Airtel Local SMS balance Check ussd codes *123*2# or *555#
Airtel Night Data Balance Check (Internet) ussd codes *123*197#
Airtel 4G Data Balance check (Internet) *121*8#
Airtel Local National SMS packs Ussd codes *777#
TaAirtel STD Minutes Balance Check ussd codesle *123*8#

Airtel Loan ussd Code & Toll-Free Number

Airtel also included an option called Loan. We can take the loan when we are Low in balance. Then we can take the loan of some Talktime. The company will retrieve when you recharge your mobile with Tax included. You can avail the loan service using two methods, one is by USSD code and another is Through calling the toll-free number. The table shows you both the numbers for Airtel Loan.

Airtel Loan Number *141*10#
Airtel Loan Number via call 52141

Other ussd codes

Service Activation & Deactivation ussd codes

Airtel Transfer ussd codes *141#
Airtel DND Activation & Deactivation Ussd Codes 1909
Airtel 3G Activation Sms 3G to 121
Airtel Live Services ussd codes *321#
Airtel Twitter service ussd codes *515#
Airtel Hello Tunes ussd codes *678#
Airtel Missed Call Alert Ussd codes *888#


These are the list of the Airtel balance check and also all the Airtel USSD codes list. Now, you can check your offers, Message and data balance check etc. Hope you like this information provided, if you do so, then, please share your experience. You can use the comment section provided below. Thank you so much for visiting iCustomercare, For more customer care numbers and USSD codes, keep visiting the site. Thank you!

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