{Latest} How To Check Net Balance In Idea (3G, 4G and Postpaid)

How To Check Net Balance In Idea: Idea is one of the best telecommunication service available all over India. This is generally a private telecommunication company. Most of the people prefer Idea as it is one among best mobile operators. People can do idea data check with the help of multiple USSD codes available today in the market. If you are the one among the idea cellular and looking into the status of idea net balance, here we are. The article provides you to verify the idea internet balance for 2g/3g/4g LTE/ GPRS with the help of USSD codes.

how to check net balance in idea

The most important point is, one should be aware of verifying data check and validity of 2g or idea 3g balance check. This is because we can avoid the main balance deduction. So for idea net balance check, either it may be postpaid or prepaid can use the below-mentioned USSD codes. These Idea USSD codes help multiple idea users to verify their balance say Net Balance check, Main Balance, and so on. Users can verify idea network services like idea 3g recharge, idea net offers, idea SMS pack, idea data recharge, idea Night packs, idea internet balance check codes, 3g & 4g internet data balance, SMS free balance, idea data packs, free talk time recharge offers and much more other Idea VAS Services codes.

Idea Internet, Data Balance Check Numbers Codes for all 2G, 3G, 4G:

Users can verify idea network services like idea 3g recharge, idea net offers, idea SMS pack, idea data recharge, idea Night packs, idea internet balance check codes, 3g & 4g internet data balance, SMS free balance, idea data packs, free talk time recharge offers and much more other Idea VAS Services codes. The Idea offers various plans for the Internet, and they are genuinely two types. One is Combo that offers some free data + talk time and other is the only Internet pack.

For idea internet balance check, one has to go for phone dial and choose one USSD code among  *125# OR *131# OR *131*3# OR *456# or *457# available for 2g/3g/4g LTE, idea net setter or modem and so on. These USSD codes work for all the smartphones such as Android, Apple iPhone, Windows, Nokia, Blackberry and so on.

Idea Internet Balance Check Details Idea Net Balance USSD Codes
Idea Net Balance Check Code *125# or *121*411#
Complaints, Queries, and Requests (Toll Free)  198
Complaints, Queries, and Requests (Chargeable)  12345

Steps for How To Check Net Balance In Idea:

Now, we are come up with a query as for how to check idea net balance. Here we are providing the best solution and steps to follow for how to know idea net balance. Before proceeding to the following steps, there is another method of verifying for how to check data balance in an idea. Can be done using My Idea-Recharge and payments app. And also can verify by making a contact with customer care.

Steps for idea data balance check:

  • The very first step is to open the phone dialer and type *125# OR *131*3#.

idea postpaid net balance check

  • So that you will get the pop-up message showing the status of idea internet balance.

how to check net balance in idea postpaid

  • One can also try the USSD codes for *121# or *456# or *457# or *212# or *130# or *123#.

Steps for how to check idea internet balance through My Idea-Recharge and payments app:

My idea App generally helps you to verify the internet balance, recharge prepaid number, postpaid bills, check the usage, various offers and so on. One can manage through this app anywhere and anytime. One can view and manage the various subscriptions, provide value added services and so on.

Firstly, open  My Idea-Recharge and payments app 

Once you open the app, can look directly into the status of the main balance as well as internet balance present in the mobile.

how to check internet balance in idea postpaid

If you go through the customer care, the following are the contact numbers. Please verify.

  • Toll-free number of Idea: 1800 270 0000
  • Toll-free number of Idea for Complaint/Request – 198
  • Toll-free number of Idea for General Information – 12345/12347

How to Check Internet Balance in Idea Postpaid:

In order to check the internet balance in idea postpaid, the only way is to call the idea customer care and knowing it.  Follow the below process to know your idea postpaid data balance.

1) First, call 121 from your idea mobile
2) Select your preferred Language
3) Now Select the 4th option (account information)
4) In this menu select the 2nd option (unbilled usage).
5) Then they will tell you the below three options to select from

  • 1-  Voice call usage details
  • 2- SMS balance usage details
  • 3- MMS/GPRS/Internet usage details

6) Select the 3rd option to get your idea postpaid internet balance.

Other Multiple USSD codes for Idea Net balance:

  • Idea USSD code to check internet balance: *457#
  • Activate service for idea live TV: SMS 3GTV to 54777.
  • Idea USSD code to deactivate call waiting services: *44#
  • Activate idea night, SMS packs, local packs: *369#
  • Idea 20MB internet data loan:*150*773#
  • Idea RS. 5 internet data loan:*165*#

Also, one can have a look at the other links provided below to gather information in a more easy way.

F.A.Q on How to Check Idea net balance:

1) How can I check my idea internet balance?

As we already mentioned above, you can check your idea main balance with 2 methods. One by ussd codes and the other is by Mobile App. To know completely just refer to the above article.

2) What is the USSD code to check idea net balance?

The USSD Code to check the Idea Net Balance is *125# or *121*411#. These both USSD codes to check the Idea internet balance

3) How can I check my balance in idea?

You need to dial an idea ussd code to get your balance details. Just dial *121# and you will Idea Balance will be displayed.

4) How can I check my idea unlimited data balance?

In order to know the idea unlimited data balance, you need to use the below ussd codes on your idea mobile

  • 3G Idea Balance Check: Dial *125#
  • 2G Idea Balance Check – Dial *125# or *131*3#


The article provides How To Check Net Balance In Idea and also multiple USSD codes to follow. Go through the steps and verify your status in the easiest way. This can also be done through My Idea App. If you still facing the same problem, contact customer care and find out the status. For more doubts, comment on the below section anytime. To know more information visit icustomer care and Thank you for the visit.


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