{Latest} How To Check Net Balance in Aircel

how to check net balance in Aircel: We are here to provide steps to verify for Aircel balance checkAircel internet balance check and so on. The blog provides the entire information related to Aircel net balance check, 2g/3g/4g LTE, data usage, balance inquiry with the help of USSD codes and through SMS for prepaid numbers. These short or USSD codes or Aircel data balance check code or Aircel net balance which are most important for every user when you use internet service on Aircel number.

how to check net balance in aircel

This is because once the data network gets expires, company start cutting the balance from your main account. If the user is looking for the option as even though the data expires, should not cut from main balance. Then need to deactivate the service by making a call to the customer care center. One can enjoy the ultimate experience by activating Aircel 3G service and can do Aircel 3g balance check anytime and anywhere.

Steps to follow for How to Check net Balance in Aircel

The following are the steps for how to check net balance in Aircel and also for how to check Aircel 3g balance. One can do for  Aircel data balance check either through USSD codes or with the help of MyAircell App and also by making a contact with the customers.

How To Check Net balance In Aircel

The following are the steps to verify the status in Aircel. With the help of the Aircel USSD codes, one can operate and know instantly.

  • The very first step is open the phone dialer and type *126*1# OR *126*4# for Aircel internet balance check.
  • So that, you will get the popup showing the remaining balance in your mobile.

how to check aircel internet balance

  • For Aircel 2G Balance Dial: *133# or *111*10#
  • And For Aircel 4G Balance Dial: *111*9#

For Aircel 3g balance check

  • Go to phone dialer and type *111*9# or *122*011# or *122*122#.
  • So that you will get pop up showing the remaining 3g net balance in your phone.

How To Check Net balance In Aircel through My Aircel App:

My Aircel App is one of the best application that provides about recharge offers, showing main account balance, transaction history, recharge details, data loan and so on. The following are the steps to verify net balance through My Aircel app.

  • Firstly, go to My Aircel App present on the home screen.
  • Open the app and you can directly see on the home page related to remaining net balance present in your phone.
  • Before opening the App, make sure you have activated your mobile data.

Other Aircel balance USSD codes:

  1. *111# or *125# or SMS BAL to 121: Main Account Balance
  2. *122*666#:   Balance check
  3. *125# or *127#:  Check main balance and validity of Aircel
  4. *126*2:   Check free SMS balance and validity of Aircel
  5. *126*1#:  Check Voice Dedicated Account Balance and Validity
  6. *1#or *234*4#:  Know your Aircel Number
  7. *789#: Special deals and discounts
  8. *123#: Service packs (festival pack, love tips, monsoon health tips)
  9. 1214: Value Added Services
  10. 1215: Rate special discount
  11. *124*<16-digitcard number>#:  Aircel recharge with a card
  12. 1213: Latest Scheme news
  13. 121 Or 123: Aircel Customer care
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Finally, you can check your data by accessing the USSD codes or go through My Aircel App and also contact the customer care center. Follow the steps carefully mentioned above. For any doubts comment on the below section. To know more, visit icustomer care and Thank you.

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