How To Check Docomo Net Balance

How To Check Docomo Net Balance: Tata Docomo is one of the best Indian telecom service provider in all over the market. This is one of the fastest network and the service provided by these teleservices is on both GSM and CDMA. One can maintain the status likely data pack information, validity, balance through UDDS codes, SMS or through online by accessing the user’s mobile account balance. This has the advantage of providing 24 hours customer care support. Also, it has a provision to choose data loan at the time of having low data balance. An individual can access the data pack information about the validity and how to check Docomo balance in different ways through data Docomo.


This means it can be done through the USSD codes. But as a human, having awareness about all the different types of tata docomo USSD codes is very much difficult. We are here to provide such USSD codes for how to check net balance in Docomohow to check the balance in tata docomohow to know tata docomo number and much more. Also, an individual can verify the customer care number successfully. One can also go through my TaTa Docomo recharge, bill app for verifying the status of TaTa Docomo internet plans and much more.

Steps To Follow How To Check Tata Docomo Net Balance

How to check data balance in tata docomo? Here we go. Follow the below steps carefully about Tata Docomo data balance check and much more provided in a more understandable format. One can check with the help of USSD codes or get access to my TaTa Docomo recharge, bill app anytime. Also, see the Telenor net balance check for getting the net.

Steps for tata docomo net balance check

The following are the steps provided for Docomo net balance check either it may be 2G/ 3G. An individual can verify the status by operating through these USSD codes instantly.

  • Firstly, one has to open the phone dialer and type the USSD code as *111*1#.
  • So that a user gets the pop-up showing the available balance in your mobile.
  • To know about how to know tata docomo number, simple type 121 without any fail.

Steps for how to check Docomo balance

The following are the steps to identify for data balance check. An individual can access at any time.

how- to- know- tata- docomo- number

  • The very first step is one has to open the phone dialer.
  • Type the USSD code like *111#.
  • So that you can see the pop-up showing the remaining balance without any fail.
  • To know about tata docomo 3g data plans, one has to open the phone dialer and type as *141*1#.
  • So that one can get aware about the entire tata docomo prepaid 3g plans without any fail.

Steps for tata docomo internet balance check through my TaTa Docomo recharge, bill app

My TaTa Docomo recharge, bill app is one of the best application provided about my best offers, easy bill payments, get usage alerts, usage history, all in one, my bill, my plan and much more. The following are the steps that help to verify the status through my Tata Docomo recharge, bill app.

  • Firstly, one has to go for My Tata Docomo recharge, bill App present on the home screen.
  • Thereafter one has to open the app so that one can directly see on the home page related to remaining net balance available on your phone.
  • Before opening the App, one has to make sure as you have activated your mobile data.

Steps For How To Check Docomo Balance

One can verify the status for Docomo balance check in three ways. An individual has to follow the steps carefully for verifying Docomo balance check. This can be done through the USSD codes, online Docomo account an also through the SMS pack.

  • To verify the status with the help of USSD code, one has to type *111*1#.
  • So that you will get the pop up displaying both validity and balance.
  • The other way of verifying is through online Docomo account where one has to register and find out the entire details like balance and validity related to the Docomo number.
  • An individual has to sign up as a new customer.
  • If it is through SMS, type  ‘DATA BAL’ to 121, data for getting internet data information related to 2G/3G pack which is activated.
  • An individual can also check for last 5 transactions by dialling *191# and selecting the particular option. One has to share the experience regarding the tata docomo 2G/ 3G internet service provided below.

Other tata docomo USSD codes:

  • Know Your Number -> *1# or *580#
  • Balance Check ->*111#
  • GPRS or Internet Data Check -> *111*1#
  • Customer Care ->121
  • DND(Do Not Disturb) Call ->1909 or SMS ->START DND to 1909
  • Recharge-> *135*2<Recharge Pin>#
  • Balance Inquiry -> *191*2#
  • Validity -> *191*3#
  • Service Points -> *191*4#
  • Last 3 Recharge History -> *191*5#
  • Status of free usage(Pool Balance) -> *191*6#
  • Start/Stop Services -> *191*7#
  • Service Request ->*191*8#
  • Customer Preference -> *191*9*1#
  • Home Zone Locations -> *191*9*2#
  • Daily SMS Count -> *191*9*3#
  • DATA -> *191*9*4#
  • CALL -> *191*9*5#
  • Prepaid Bill Request -> *191*9*6#
  • Edit & Add Account Details -> *191*9*7#
  • Special Offers -> *191*9*8#
  • 3G Internet Packs -> *141*1#
  • Local Flavour -> *141*2#
  • ILD Packs -> *141*3#
  • New Internet Packs ->*141*4#
  • Daily/Weekly Packs -> *141*5#
  • Music Unlimited -> *141*6#
  • Chat Zone -> *141*7#
  • Discount Zone -> *141*8#
  • Talk More -> *141*9#
  • Tata Docomo USSD code for Loan -> *369#


At last, one has to check the data accessing through USSD codes or can verify with the help of My tata docomo recharge app. If an individual still faces difficulty, an individual can contact the nearby customer care centers. Follow the steps carefully mentioned above in an understandable format. For any doubts, comment on the below section. To get more information, visit icustomer care at anytime.

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