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All you need to know about Jio Fiber Installation at your home in 2021

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In 2020 we all realized that the internet is a basic necessity like electricity and water. Especially in India, internet usage is growing up rapidly in 2020. Reliance jio has changed the market that we all know about mobile broadband. And now they are expanding their business model in-home broadband also. As a result, Reliance introduced jio fiber in 2019 and failed to capture the whole market because the Indian broadband ecosystem already has some fair competition. After a year launching of jio fiber this year, Reliance jio has revised its Broadband plans. And it is exciting and lucrative. And here I am to share some of my experience about jio fiber installation at your home.

The initial process for Jio Fiber Installation

First of all, you have to register yourself at the jio website to get jio fiber in your area.
If jio fiber has already covered your area, you will get a jio fiber team call. And if not, then whenever jio fiber will enter your location, the jio fiber team will contact you.
After contacting you, they will come to your house at a scheduled time and get your KYC done. And then, after 1 or 2 days, they will install all the equipment in your home. Now you are good to go surfing the internet.

What are the plans of jio fiber

After revising jio fiber Broadband plans. Now, they have a total of 7 Broadband plans for us.
These Broadband plans can be categorized as three levels. First is a budget category were the first two plans present, which are Bronze 399 plan and Silver 699 plan. Then the upper budget category has three plans. It has Gold 999 plan, then Diamond 1499 plan, and Diamond+ 2499 plan. And finally, the premium category has two plans, 1st is Platinum plan of rupees 3999 and the ultimate Titanium plan of rupees 8499.
Bronze plan has a 30 MBPS bandwidth, Silver plan that has a 100 MBPS bandwidth, Gold plan has a 150 MBPS bandwidth, Diamond plan has a 300mbps bandwidth, Diamond Plus plan has a 500 MBPS bandwidth, Platinum plan has a 1gbps bandwidth, Titanium plan has 1gbps bandwidth.
All of these plans have symmetric download and upload speed.
Bronze and silver plans don’t have OTT app subscriptions where the rest of the other plans have OTT apps subscription.

What about Netflix in jio fiber Broadband plans

Netflix subscription can be found in four broadband plans in jio fiber: Diamond plan, Diamond+ plan, Platinum plan, and Titanium plan. Although Diamond and Diamond+ plans only include the SD subscription of Netflix.

What is the price for Jio Fiber Installation at home

After one year of launching jio fiber, Reliance jio also revised its prices for the installation of jio fiber. If you want to surf the internet only, they will provide the jio fiber router at just Rupees 1500, and if you’re going to use the setup box of jio fiber, they will charge 1000 Plus, which is total 2500 rupees. And this is the one-time refundable amount, which includes a free 30 day trial of truly unlimited 150 MBPS internet plus a 4K set-top box with a subscription to 10 OT apps.

What about the router jio fiber gives with every connection

The router which jio fiber gives with all customers in every connection is a dual-band gigabit router. It has a 2.4ghz also 5ghz band. The router has good coverage. You can compare it with the MI router, the convergence concerned. Jio fiber team will also offer you and Wi-Fi extender, which you can opt-in if you want.

What about the reviews of jio fiber broadband

To collect the reviews of jio fiber broadband, I went to several of my friends who have installed jio fiber at their home. All they have just a straightforward answer is that jio fiber is a very stable connection compared to the existing broadband providers. One of my friends said, ” with my previous broadband providers, I faced many problems like connection outage, slow broadband speed, etc. But with jio fiber, I never faced any problem at all.


At the initial stage of jio fiber broadband, I can easily recommend you to get the fiber connection, and if you are not happy with it, you can get a full refund after one month of usage. It has a stable connection. It has no ping issues. With such low prices, you can quickly get jio fiber broadband at your home. But jio could introduce an intermediate plan in between 399 and 699, it could be the cherry in the cake. With these attractive revised plans, jio can easily surpass all the national broadband providers and local broadband providers.

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