Reliance GSM Ussd Codes List

The Reliance ussd codes constitute a various list of codes to verify how to check offer in reliance gsm and reliance gsm balance check. Many people are not aware of how to activate or deactivate the caller tune and also how to check reliance net balance. I have seen the various people unable to find out the ussd codes. Here I included the Reliance Ussd Codes and Reliance Gsm Ussd Codes network services.


The Reliance ussd codes provide a piece of information regarding how to check the Reliance GSM Net Balance Check, Reliance Offer Check, Reliance GSM Number Check, Reliance Gsm Net Pack and also provides Reliance Gsm Balance Check Ussd Code Number. You can also check more ussd codes mentioned as below also see the reliance cdma ussd codes to check balance.

In a most simple way, you can check the reliance ussd codes posted below in tabular format. Using these codes, an individual can check their balance, Reliance Gsm 3G Recharge, data package, caller tune status and much more in detail.

All Types Of Reliance Ussd Codes List

This article mainly includes the different topics related to the Reliance Ussd Codes likely reliance gsm balance check and so forth these are same as the Telenor ussd codes. They are as follows.

  • Reliance daily used Ussd Codes
  • Most used Reliance 3G/4G codes
  • The Reliance Ussd Codes Main Menu
  • Accurate Reliance Balance Check codes
  • Latest Reliance loan check
  • Also Reliance services activation and deactivation

These are the list of different Reliance Ussd codes provided in the tabular format. These can be seen below.


Application to the Reliance Balance without using the USSD codes

This is one of the best application preferred by mobile users. You can download the application from the store directly. Users can visualize their remaining account balance which will be updated frequently. Within the application, you can verify the offers or services provided on anytime.

Application to check the daily Reliance Ussd codes: Reliance App

Reliance App is one of the best because helps in providing the different codes to check the daily use balance check, data package either 2G/3G, loan check and so forth. This application is especially for reliance users. With the help of this application, you will be aware of various codes and can easily access on your mobile phones. Also, it displays Reliance own number ussd code when you access the application.

Reliance best offer check ussd code *129#
Reliance Internet Data (GPRS) balance check ussd code *111*1*3# or *111*2*5#
Reliance 2G Internet Data balance check ussd code *111*1*3#
Reliance 3G Internet Data balance check ussd code *111*1*3#
Reliance loan ussd code *141#
Reliance (Know) Own Number Check ussd codes *1#
Reliance main menu ussd codes *111#
Reliance Internet Data Loan ussd code *141#

Most used Reliance 3G & 4G Ussd codes- Reliance App

Reliance 3G/4G ussd codes have the following in which you can use anytime to check the Reliance Net balance, Main balance and so on.Reliance 3G Balance Check Ussd Codes, Reliance GPRS Balance Check Ussd Codes, Reliance Ussd codes Main Menu and Reliance Know Own Number are included in the table.

Reliance 3G Balance Check Ussd Codes *111*1*3#
Reliance GPRS Balance Check USSD Codes *367*3#
Reliance Ussd codes Main Menu (Prepaid)  *111#
Reliance Know Own Number (Check Ussd codes) *1#

The Reliance-ussd-codes Main Menu (Postpaid) *222# – Reliance App

These are the following reliance Balance Check codes provided in the tabular format. For any doubts like How to check latest balance information in Reliance, VAS balance check, local call balance and so forth will not be raised by making a look on the below table. You can use the following table and check the balance related information

Reliance USSD Code for latest balance information *333*1*2*1#
Reliance USSD Code for VAS balance check *333*1*4*1#
Reliance USSD Code for local call balance *367*2#
Reliance USSD Code to check the 3G balance *111*1*3#
Reliance USSD Code for GPRS settings SMS ALL to 55100
Reliance USSD Code for Free Recharge *123*099#
Reliance USSD Code recharge scratch card  *868# or *305*<14 digit pin>#
Reliance USSD Code Customer care number *333 or *369 or 198
Reliance USSD Code to Know own mobile number  *1#
Reliance USSD Code for a validity period *333*1*1*1# or *702#
Reliance USSD Code for Self Menu prepaid *111#
Reliance USSD Code for Self Menu postpaid *222#
Reliance USSD Code special deals and discount *789#

Latest Reliance loan USSD Codes-Reliance App

These are the ussd codes notices regarding Reliance loan ussd code, Internet data loan ussd code, Customer care number and Special deal ussd codes. With this information, an individual can easily aware of how to access and verify their status.

Reliance loan ussd code *141#
Reliance Internet Data Loan ussd code *141#
Reliance Customer Care number  198 or *369
Reliance special deal ussd codes *789#

Various Reliance services Activation & Deactivation ussd codes- Reliance App 

Various services offered in Reliance app constitutes the following codes where one can verify how to deactivate or activate missed call alert, how to deactivate/activate caller tune, news activation, cricket activation, bestseller activation, astrology activation, sports activation and so forth.

Reliance USSD Code to deactivate missed call alert *333*3*2*2#
Reliance USSD Code to activate missed Call alert *333*3*2*1#
Reliance USSD Code for deactivating caller tune *333*3*1*2#
Reliance USSD Code for activating caller tune *333*3*1*1#
Reliance USSD Code for news activation: *123#
Reliance USSD Code for cricket activation: *123#
Reliance USSD Code for bestseller activation *123#
Reliance USSD Code for hot news activation *123#
Reliance USSD Code for astrology activation *123#
Reliance USSD Codes for fun activation: *123#
Reliance USSD Code for movie masala activation *123#
Reliance USSD Code for sports activation: *123#

These are the codes available in the Reliance network. You can find any service at any time. Also, you can activate/deactivate the caller tune, missed call alert and so on.


Therefore, the complete list has been provided as discussed above likely, balance check, net balance, and so forth. You can use any of the ussd code for the offers provided. If you are unable to verify the status using these ussd codes, contact us. For further information visit icustomercare for all the services, customer care numbers and ussd codes.

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