{Updated} Vodafone All USSD Codes and Vodafone Balance check Codes

The Vodafone App is one of the best application where it provides a lot of Vodafone Ussd Codes to verify the status of Vodafone balance check, Vodafone net balance. Many people are unaware about these Ussd codes, so this application helps them to check themselves regarding the ussd codes and services provided by Vodafone. This app tells how to check Vodafone net balance, how to check balance in Vodafone, how to check internet balance in Vodafone and so forth.

These codes can be available and mainly helps to verify the Vodafone balance check, Vodafone net balance, Vodafone ussd codes,Vodafone SMS Balance Check Code, Vodafone balance enquiry, Vodafone balance check number, Vodafone 3g balance check , ussd code for Vodafone , Vodafone prepaid balance check, Vodafone internet recharge codes, Vodafone internet pack details and so on.

Vodafone USSD Codes

In a most simple way, You can access the following codes and check the status. This application also provides the Vodafone balance check number, Vodafone 3g balance check, ussd code for Vodafone, Vodafone prepaid balance check, Vodafone internet recharge codes, vodafone internet pack details and so forth. For clear understanding, you can make a look on the ussd codes provided in the tabular format.

Types of Vodafone USSD Codes List- Vodafone App

  • Most daily used Vodafone Ussd codes
  • The Vodafone  3G/4G Ussd codes
  • Usage of Vodafone balance check
  • Also, Vodafone loan ussd check
  • Another code related to Vodafone Ussd
  • Finally, Vodafone Activation/Deactivation service codes.

These are the code list used for the Vodafone mobiles. Use the following code and verify the status.


App to Verify the balance excluding the ussd codes-Vodafone App

This Application is one of the best apps which is used by Vodafone Users in providing the information in greater extent. This application is used only for Vodafone users and you can easily access by downloading it from the stores. You can also verify how much balance is remaining in the application. Also, the user can verify the status of the internet balance, special offers, transactions and so on.


Download for Andriod: My Vodafone App

For iOS:  Download My Vodafone

Download Windows: My Vodafone Download Windows

If you Don’t wanna use App to check balance then you can simply move to the below USSD Codes.

Daily use of Vodafone USSD Codes:

The following are the Vodafone ussd codes where you can verify the status of net balance check code, minutes balance, Special tariff packs, latest offers and so forth. One can easily access the application and use the following codes to verify the status.

Vodafone Balance Check (Main Balance + Validity) *141#
Vodafone net balance check code *111*6# or SMS DATA Bal to 144
Vodafone Call Balance *145#
Vodafone Minutes Balance *148#
Vodafone Special Tariff packs *145#
 Vodafone Latest Offer  121
 Vodafone Special Offers  *121#
Vodafone Last 3 call details *111*3*1#
Vodafone Last 3 SMS *111*3*2#
Vodafone Last Charges *111*4#
Vodafone Last 3 Recharges *111*5#

Vodafone 3G/4G Ussd Codes

Vodafone application constitutes the various internet ussd codes where an individual can check the validity of either 2G/3G data plans and for both prepaid as well postpaid mobile services. This has another option of verifying one day GPRS pack using Ussd code for Vodafone. In simple, use the following USSD codes for verifying the status.

Vodafone 3g balance check  *111*5*2#
Vodafone 3G Data Card balance *111*5*2#
Vodafone 2G Balance Check *141*9#
Vodafone Data Plans Activation  *111*6*1#
Vodafone 3G Activation Prepaid ACT 3G to 144
Vodafone 3G Activation Postpaid ACT 3G to 111
Vodafone One Day GPRS Pack *121*05#

Vodafone Balance Check:

The below table has various USSD Codes to verify the Vodafone Balance check. In simple, Acess the ussd code from the table and type so that the balance will get appear successfully.

Vodafone Balance Check (Main Balance + Validity) *141#
Vodafone net balance check code *111*6# or SMS DATA Bal to 144
Vodafone SMS Balance Check Code *142# or *123*1#
Vodafone Roaming Minutes and Validity *142#
 Vodafone One Day GPRS Pack *121*05#
  Vodafone data balance check *111*6#
Vodafone Minutes Balance *148#

Various Vodafone Loan USSD Codes

An individual can easily access to the application to find out the status of both balance services and Vodafone loan number. Use the below USSD codes for verification.

Low Balance Services *111*9#
Vodafone Loan Number 144 Or *111*10#

Vodafone Other Ussd Codes

The following are the Other Vodafone USSD codes available in the application to make a look on GPRS Balence check, GPRS balence, Rate cutter, allowance and so forth.These codes included in the article might help you to know the status of your Vodafone mobile.

Vodafone GPRS Balance Check   SMS GPRS to 144 or 0r *111*6#
Vodafone Night GPRS balance *123*8#
Vodafone Number check (Know Own No) *111*2# or *8888# or 164
Vodafone Video Call Balance  *123*9#
Vodafone Rate Cutter *121*10#
Usage Allowance Details *111*6*2#
 Vodafone Bonus Card *111*7#
Vodafone Delights *111*1#

Vodafone Service Activation Codes

These are the Vodafone Ussd codes for Vodafone activation Services support to find out the information regarding the DND, Alerts, hello tunes and so forth. So to know the status, use the following ussd codes.

Activate Vodafone Value Combo  *123*2#
Vodafone DND 1909
Vodafone Alerts *123#
Vodafone Hello Tunes 5525 or 54206090
Movie Masala Alerts *123*1#

Vodafone Service Deactivation Codes

These are the Vodafone Ussd codes for Vodafone deactivation Services support to find out the information regarding the night minutes, best offers and so forth. So to know the status, use the following ussd codes.

Check Vodafone to Vodafone Night Minutes *147#
Check Night Minutes *157#
Vodafone Best offers *111*8#

111 or 9400024365 Vodafone Customer care
198 Vodafone Complaint Number

Vodafone VAS (Value Added Services) :

  • To activate VAS service send SMS START to 321 and you will receive a list of content categories and reply with the category number to get the list of services. Then reply with the selected service number to activate Value Added Service request.
  • To deactivate, customers want’s to send SMS STOP to 321 to receive a list of currently active services in your mobile number and reply with the selected service number to send deactivation request.


At last, You can have a look on how to activate/deactivate the services, balance checks as well inquiry ussd codes and so forth. If any doubt has risen regarding the Ussd codes or the process of using these codes, contact us anytime. For further information visit icustomercare for the other customer care numbers, complaint numbers or else regarding any of the ussd codes.


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